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Channel Tracking Service

As for the brands and enterprises in consumer goods industry, only by taking good control of channels & retail terminals...

Channel Study

Enterprises developed a wide variety of products but failed to have them reached to target customer groups through effec...

Market Segmentation & Positioning

Facing the increasingly fierce market competition and more complex products & brands, many enterprises realize that it i...

Consumer U&A

According to specific business issues, SUOXIN will work closely with you to design/implement targeted proposal by select...

Product Research

SUOXIN to assist enterprises to make decisions on product improvement, promotion as well as understanding whether curren...

Market Opportunity

SUOXIN Market Entry Study - MESTM is one of the core research model designed to help enterprises implement market entry,...

SUOXIN Market Research (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a professional independent third party market research and information technologyinstitutions, headquartered in Beijing, China.Throu...
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  • FMCG行业新产品上市时应该注意哪...


  • 营销总监如何找到自己的北?

    互联网时代的营销趋势 在未来,传统企业的营销环境将有什么大的变化?我认为将会出现三个大的趋势。 第一个...

  • 宝洁:品牌管理之痛


  • 可口可乐三季度净利降14%


  • 肯德基的选址策略


  • 李宁:你懂90后吗?

    关键词:移动互联、指尖上的一代、消费者细分、情感需求、消费观念。 一夜之间,似乎已经是90后的天下了。这...

  • 可口可乐社会化营销启示:正在拥...

    关键词:社会化媒体/营销、内容节点/流行标签、情感/时间/空间/节点 “当我把产品卖给你的时候,我们的关系...

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